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                 Everyone can benefit from a professional massage. 

Massage therapy can provide anything from soothing relaxation to deeper therapy for specific physical problems. It can relieve you stress and anxiety, increase the nourishing blood supply to your tissues, improve your energy and alertness, and aid your recovery from pulled muscles or sprained ligaments. 

There are many special physical conditions where the power of massage can prove invaluable.  For example, if you are pregnant you will find that it can ease many of the uncomfortable stresses of child bearing, including edema, backaches, and exhaustion.

Certain repetitive motion injuries related to on-the-job activities can also be effectively relieved with massage. If you suffer from such problems as temporal mandibular joint dysfunction (TMJ) or carpal tunnel syndrome, you may find that regular massage therapy sessions can greatly reduce your pain.

Professional and amateur athletes alike find massage stretches tight muscles and improves motion. Restoring full range of motion and relieving tightness helps athletes stay limber and balanced for optimal sports performance. Also, new and recurring injuries are prevented when muscles stay flexible and motion is balanced.

Massage can also compensate, or at least in part, for lack of exercise and muscular contraction if you are a person who, because of age, injury, or illness, is forced to remain inactive.  In your case, massage helps return venous blood to your heart, easing the strain on this vital organ.

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